Four Policemen hear woman’s voice crying, “Help me, help me.” But when they turned her submerged car over, the woman was long dead, but her baby was still alive. Whose voice did the four of them hear?

Check out this link to read and see the details. I think they were directly by an angel or the Lord Himself. Wow! A Miracle!

Twelve year old boy’s miracle

Check out this video to learn the story of the miracle of prayer affecting the death, and life, of this 12 year old boy. The link next might not work so here is the actual URL:

Boy Survives Drowning

God Met Our Need

We attended closing for our new home at the title company. There was only one problem. We didn’t have enough money of our own to pay for it.

When the electrician asked us if we would like a speaker wire here and there, we were delighted with his thoroughness. Darrell and I didn’t realize though, that each one of these additions would be an extra charge.

Then there was the matter of almost seven thousand dollars in excise tax.
The builder was willing to carry a promissory note for 16 months for loaning us the money we didn’t quite have. This meant we would be paying more than five hundred dollars a month for that indebtedness, which also meant that we wouldn’t have a dime of flex room in our budget.

After moving in ( we are still moving in from our garage, but at least all of our stuff isn’t in storage), we inquired of our local bank as well as credit union if we could borrow the money to pay off our loans. The minimum amount they would let us borrow was fifty-thousand dollars, which they approved until they found out that the new home was in the name of my husband’s and his late wife’s two trusts. So it was a no-go on a Friday afternoon.

Sunday evening we watched a Mike Murdock television show. We prayed with him for provision for our need, and reminded God that we had indeed been tithing to Him and had even given offerings above and beyond our tithe.
The next day, we had an appointment with Darrell’s financial advisor, Conrad Pierson, so we were eager to hear what he had to say.

His advice? Continue to make the monthly payments, and after six months of ownership, we should talk to the mortgage man he recommended. On the way home from that appointment, we called the mortgage man, and again the trust issue prevented us from obtaining relief from the financial pressures we were experiencing.

As we pulled up to our driveway, I hopped out to get the mail. Two letters appeared to contain checks. They were return addressed from the Circuit Court in Colorado.

A little background is in order here. About 4 years ago, a certain company falsified its earning reports, and the stock I owned took a nosedive when the truth came out. A lawyer notified me of a class action suit and I gave him all my necessary information. Periodically, I asked him how the case was going. Last October, a judge ruled in our favor.

“How much do you think I will get back?” I queried the lawyer.

“About eight thousand dollars,” he replied. It wasn’t very much, but it was better than nothing.
“When do you think I will get it?”

“You should be getting a check in July, 2013.”

So when I opened the two checks in March of 2013, I really wasn’t sure what they were. I definitely wasn’t expecting the amount.

Fifty-one Thousand Dollars! Praise Jesus!

Apparently, the paperwork for the class action suit required that I send my information directly to the court. Which is what I did. A week or two after that, the lawyer contacted me, wondering when I was going to send my information to him. I informed him that I had already sent it to the address on the claim form.
It was after I received both checks that I realized the lawyer was planning on keeping forty-three thousand dollars. My mistake turned out to be God’s blessing, and just in time as well!